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개발자: Yutaka Yagiura
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Domo is Todo management application.
Todo can be set tagging, the delivery date setting, and repeatedly.


Please see domo Todo+ of a pay version. The calendar view, the memo, and the function of the permutation etc. are added.

- Feature
・Because the Todo list and the tag list are displayed on the same screen, tag can be switched by one touch.
・To display Todo of the delivery date in the tag list by the color and the number Todo that passes the delivery date and today, Todo that should begin at once is easily found.
・It is possible to display it by classifying it by the state of Todo.
Red:Todo that passed delivery date
Yellow:It is set Todo in Todo done date.. at once today.
Blue:Todo of the delivery date since tomorrow.
Ash:Completed Todo

- How to use.

1. Addition of Todo
Todo can be newly made with + button. The content, the delivery date, and it sets repeatedly, and tag of Todo can be set.
The delivery date can be set by one touch in case of the date after one week from today. Other dates can be set from the clock icon.
The setting can repeatedly set the repetition every X day every month and day of the week. Tagging is two or more [era] [bukotoga] and [kimasu] as for the tag to be added from the list of tag.

2. Edit of TodoIn each Todo of the Todo list, the color label is attached to the left end. The color label is displayed and three buttons are displayed when touching.
・- the button: It completes it. (The color label changes into the gray. )
・The soon button: It sets it as Todo executed by the end of today. (The color label changes into yellow. )
・The star button: The star mark is put to Todo.
If the color label touch is done again, whether to push any button the button becomes non-display.

When Todo is selected from the Todo list, a set screen is displayed. The content set when newly making it is edited and it is possible to delete it.
If the deletion button with red lower right of the screen is pushed once, it becomes a deletion mode. When the garbage box button in the upper-right corner of the screen is pushed, Todo is deleted. To come off the deletion mode, the deletion button is pushed again.

3. Edit of tag
When the tag icon that exists in the start screen or the Todo edit display is clicked, the tag list screen is displayed. Tag is added, is changed, deleted on this screen, and it is possible to permute it.

4. Narrowing of Todo
The Todo list of each tag can be narrowed. A black button row on the lower half of the start screen is a list of tag. Todo is narrowed with the tag selected here.
It is tag as follows always displayed.
・All: All Todo is displayed.
・Tag none: Todo not tagged is displayed.
・Done: Completed Todo is displayed.

5. The Todo list order
The color label displays the Todo list in order of Todo of red, yellow, blue, and the ash.

5. Checklist
The checklist can be registered from PC. Please see the support site for details of the registration method. The checklist screen and the Todo list screen can be switched by doing the navigation bar in the tap.

6. ..&.. restoring backup
Data can be backed up from PC, and it restore it. Please see the support site for details.